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"By Their Fruits You Will Know Them"
(Mt. 7:16)
Led by Julie Saad

“How do you know you are being transformed?   Usually, either you or someone else in your life starts to notice that something has changed, something is different in your daily life, how you approach relationships, conflict, work, chores, loss, emotional turmoil. Transformation is about becoming who you are—not your idea of who you are, but God’s idea of who you are. Consenting to be transformed does not mean that life is somehow all of a sudden easy, be we start to realize that we are not alone in this project and may even start to experience the peace that comes from interior silence.” -Julie Saad, Contemplative Life: Discovering Our Path into the Heart of God

In this workshop we will be taking a deeper dive into Thomas Keating’s teaching about the transformation we experience with a regular practice of Centering Prayer, in other words, the fruits of Centering Prayer. Topics will include the unloading of the unconscious, our basic core of goodness, dismantling the emotional programs for happiness, restructuring of consciousness, the transforming union, and interior silence. In addition to our time together in Centering Prayer, we will experience some practical contemplative prayer practices that will help us to recognize and consent to God’s transforming action in our lives. 

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Julie Saad

Julie Saad has been a student of Father Thomas Keating, and active with Contemplative Outreach, since 1994. She served on the Governing Board for Contemplative Outreach for 6 years (ending Dec ‘22) and is currently the coordinator of the Contemplative Living Experience Program in Denver, CO.

For years, Julie has worked on integrating Fr. Thomas Keating's work on Centering Prayer and the spiritual journey into her own life so that she can transmit it to others. Her book: "Contemplative Life: Discovering Our Path into the Heart of God" was published in November of 2021. “This book started out as a guidebook on the Contemplative Living Experience program, a spiritual formation program in contemplative life offered by Contemplative Outreach. It grew into a story about how a life dedicated to contemplative prayer can be transformed when one consents to the presence and action of God within, the divine indwelling. Because Julie’s teaching style comes out of her lived experience, the book also became part memoir and part practical application of Thomas Keating’s teaching.”

In collaboration with others, Julie worked alongside Fr. Keating late in his life (2018), to create a unique, multifaceted 100-session email series for Fr. Keating’s seminal teaching: "The Spiritual Journey Series".  Julie wrote the narrative that accompanies the series, and edited the videos, giving her unique insight into Fr. Keating’s thoughts at the time.    The series was offered originally through Spirituality and Practice.com, but is now available at no charge from Contemplative Outreach (and through CONOVA).  

What a beautiful privilege for us to be able to engage with Julie for our program on June 10th.

(via Zoom)

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