Group Sharing Guidelines:
Spiritual Journey Series

From the Introduction to the Spiritual Journey Series:  
"Each narrative is meant to be read and experienced in silence and stillness and to be an occasion for reflection, study, engagement, and embodiment."

During our sessions, should you wish to share, we invite you to speak  from your personal experience as it relates to material reviewed from the teaching.  

No one is required or expected to share; silence is perfectly fine. However, we are also community, and we would like to offer space for all who wish to share or reflect.  

We’re suggesting these guidelines to help to create a safe environment for each of us to feel comfortable, knowing that our sharing and reflections will be heard, received in love, and respectfully honored.

Suggested guidelines:

1) Listen to others from the heart, with an attitude of love and welcome, without judgment.

2) Speak from your own experience, using “I” statements.

3) “Silence is a rare gift. After someone has spoken, take time to reflect and fully listen, without immediately filling the space with words.” (Parker Palmer, Circles of Trust)

4) Refrain from giving advice or solutions.

5) To allow equal time for all to share, please refrain from sharing more than once, until everyone (who wishes to) has had a chance to be heard.

For more on sharing guidelines, we find these Sharing Guidelines offered from Meditation Chapel to be worthy of consideration.