A Roadmap to Exploring Centering Prayer

You are warmly invited to explore the tools below to support and deepen your new practice of Centering Prayer.

We wish you many blessings on your journey.

To access a PDF copy of the Roadmap with live links, click here.

1.  Download "The Method of Centering Prayer" brochure

2.  Attend an "Introduction to Centering Prayer" Program
Click here for more information

3.  Practice two 20-30 minute periods of Centering Prayer daily   
You may find the free "Centering Prayer" Mobile App  helpful.   Learn more here.

4. Some wonderful books to start with.....
"Open Mind Open Heart" by Thomas Keating
"Forty Days to a Closer Walk with God" by J. David Muyskens
"Invitation to Love" by Thomas Keating

5. Join a weekly Centering Prayer group
Click here for a list of Northern Virginia groups.
Additional resources:
          Online Meditation Chapel
          12-Step Outreach Centering Prayer 
          Video Series on Contemplative Dimension of the 12 Steps
          Younger Contemplatives
          Closer Than Breath 

6. Sign up to receive "Centering Prayer One" emails
...a daily email dedicated to beginners, with introductory teachings to support your new practice.    Its content repeats every 6 months.

7.  Listen to this podcast:  "Opening Minds, Opening Hearts"     Launched by Contemplative Outreach Ltd in late 2022 for both the curious meditator and long time practitioner of Centering Prayer.   Click here to listen to a trailer and access the episodes.

8. Try out a 40-day Praxis
"Centering Prayer, Prayer of Consent, a 40-Day Praxis"  This beautiful, 131-page booklet contains 40 days of daily teachings and practices may help the start of your journey.

9.  View "The Spiritual Journey" Program  
This series is the foundation of the teaching legacy of Fr. Thomas Keating.   Portions of it are often offered on multi-day Intensive Retreats.

A self-paced version of the program is available for free, which includes 100 session-narratives, each with art, Scripture, meditations, practice suggestions, video and audio references, and additional resources for further study.   Watch here for availability of this course offered (free) through CONOVA.

A live online Spiritual Journey program is offered annual by Contemplative Outreach of Colorado.

10.  Explore the Support Practices
These practices help translate the effects of Centering Prayer into daily life:
     Lectio Divina
     Active Prayer Practice
     Welcoming Prayer
     Guard of the Heart
     Forgiveness Prayer

11.  Attend a Retreat
On the Contemplative Outreach events calendar you can find many retreat listings.   You can search for "Weekend" or other types of longer retreats.   An “Intensive” retreat (6+ days) is recommended for people who have completed the Introductory Workshop and who have a regular practice of Centering Prayer. “Post-Intensives” Retreats are for those people who have previously made an Intensive Retreat. The Post-Intensives offer increased silence and additional periods of Centering Prayer. Often both types are offered over the same retreat week.

12.   Explore the Contemplative Outreach Website:
        Click here for some of the many resources to be found there.