Centering Prayer Groups in Northern Virginia

Please contact any of these practice groups to confirm their meeting locations and times.  
Check out also the "Meditation Chapel" link (last listing on this page).

Let us know of other groups that are not listed here.

Vienna, VA

MONDAYS: 9:30am-10:00am 
(via Zoom)

Andrew Chapel UMC
1301 Trap Rd
Vienna, VA  

Facilitator:  Steve Thompson

Vienna, VA

FRIDAYS:  9:30am-10:30am
(via Zoom)

    Centering Prayer
    Group Book Reading

Andrew Chapel UMC
1301 Trap Rd
Vienna, VA  

Facilitator:  Mary Jane Ross
Zoom Contact:   Laurie Corkey

Alexandria, VA

WED: 6pm-7pm
(via Zoom)

Trinity United Methodist 
2911 Cameron Mills Rd
Alexandria, VA  22302

Email Church Office or call 703-549-5500 
Laura Clerici

Annandale, VA

WED: 11:30am (maybe just once a month)

St. Albans Episcopal Church

Contact: [email protected]

Ashland, VA

MONDAYS 7:30pm-8:30pm
(in the chapel)

Two 25-min CP sessions, with a meditative walk in between.
Ends with prayer concerns circle.

St. Ann's Catholic Church
105 S. Snead St.
Ashland, VA

Facilitator:   Debbie Pompano 

Fairfax, VA

1st WED of Month:  7pm
Contemplative Prayer Service

King of Kings Lutheran Chrch
4025 Kings Way, Fairfax, VA

Facilitator:  Judi Hangen

Leesburg, VA

MONDAYS: 7:00pm-8:30pm

St James Episcopal Church
14 Cornwall St, NW

Jim Ferry 

Reston, VA

Centering Prayer
(via Zoom)

St. John Neumann Catholic 
11900 Lawyers Rd.
Reston, VA

Facilitator:  Marie Kordes

Reston, VA

THURSDAYS:  9:45am
(via Zoom)
CP and Lectio Divina

St. John Neumann Catholic 11900 Lawyers Rd. Reston, VA

Facilitator: Janet Broderick

Springfield, VA

WED: 6:45pm

Greenspring Retirement Community

Facilitator:  Diane Bayne

Check out also: Meditation Chapel

An online multi-faith community of contemplatives.

Once you register and receive the links to 1) their calendar and 2) the list of chapels, save both to your desktop.   On the calendar page, you can Filter on "Affiliations": look for "Contemplative Outreach".  

Here you will find Centering Prayer groups on Zoom offered at various times all day long, from many places across the world.   A wonderful place to explore.