The "Introduction to Centering Prayer" Program

The "Introduction to Centering Prayer Program" consists of two parts:
1) an Introductory Workshop (1½ hr. on-line) and
2) four to six Continuing Sessions (approx. 1 hr. ea.)

If you can find a local or on-line group that is offering this LIVE, wonderful!    You can explore options below.

If you are interested in forming a Centering Prayer group (whether at your church or otherwise) and would like to speak with us about presenting an "Introduction to Centering Prayer" program, please contact us.   

LIVE options

1) You may find some live in-person workshops by typing the keyword "Intro" in the Contemplative Outreach Events calendar.

2) The Colorado Chapter regularly offers free, live, online "Introduction to Centering Prayer" workshops.
The Continuing Sessions are offered separately, here.

3) If our Chapter plans a live event, we will post it here.

Self-Paced Online

1) You can view the full Centering Prayer Introductory program (both parts) on-line here (various CO presenters, recorded summer 2020)

2)  An "Introductory Workshop on Centering Prayer" presented by the Maryland and Washington, DC Chapter (COMW), with LJ Milone and Fr. Carl Arico as presenters, is available here.
To view the Continuing Session videos, click here.

"Centering Prayer as Practice and Process"

A self-paced online course created by Contemplative Outreach, available through the Spirituality and Practice website. (The first of a trilogy.)